Future Autotech

Future Autotech is dedicated to the development, production, and bringing to market of fully electric city and Intercity (Seater & Sleeper) buses and the associated ecosystem. Our goal is to contribute to a better and healthier living environment by making sustainable, emission-free transport of people the standard.

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VS 1.1(12 M Sleepar Bus)

Future Autotech1.1 is a very innovative electric bus. Future Autotec supplies the 2.2 in four variants: 12-meter (city & regional) bus, 13-meter bus, 13.5-meter and 18-meter bus.

VS 1.0(12 M Seater Bus)

Future Autotech1.0 designed to be a game changer in the electric bus industry, Not constrained by a past reliant on fossil fuel, Future Autotec has a ground-breaking and unique approach to developing electric buses.

Zero emission It is a choice

Future Autotech

Future Autotech has developed in-house production processes for capital-efficient, scalable production, which ensures flexibility and speed for following market developments and quickly seizing opportunities

300 - 575 KM RANGE